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Friday, March 28, 2008

You took my place

Someone told this story yesterday at easter@perkeb and i want to share it (as best as i can recall) with you all :

A man was on his way to attend the church he usually attends. He reaches the church and turns to park at his usual lot, the one he parks at ever Sunday. But to his surprise, he saw another car in 'his' lot, and in it, someone he didn't recognize, a visitor.
Pissed off, he got down and went and tapped at the other car window saying "Excuse me, you took my place!"

To his further agitation, the visitor refused to budge, so not wanting to be late for church, the man parked at another lot instead. Still fuming, he walks into church and towards his usual seat, the one he takes every Sunday. But this time, who does he see in his seat, but the same guy who took his parking lot!
Tapping the guy on the shoulder, and this time not bothering to disguise his annoyance, the man says "Excuse me, you're in my place!!" The other guy again refused to move, so the man found another seat, fuming over what just happened.

At the end of his sermon, the preacher called for an altar call. From where he sat, the man could see the man who took his place walking up to the front. Something about the man was changing as he walked. His clothes which was white before now had blood-like stains on them, and they were torn. Scars started to become visible, particularly on his wrists and legs.

The man called out "Hey you! what happened to you?" The other man turns around and says to him, "I took your place".

Okay, its quite a scary story i think. But, well...the point is, Jesus took our place. He took death upon himself to give us life.

So let us live.

"And anytime i don't know what to do, I cast all my cares upon You".

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