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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

hello again.

Whoa...it has been awhile.
From where I left off, it has been assignments, assignments, rushing assignments; I don't really remember much else, really.
The weeks have flown by, and I find myself thanking God that I've not noticed it :)
Went on a dive trip to Pulau Perhentian with the Marine fellers recently. It was...ahhh. Clear blue sea, like I've never seen before, white sand, no cars. My phone doesn't even work there, because no place to charge my battery.
Just me and my sea.

But even better, what was under the surface of the water...life living in a completely different world from ours. Someone in our group said it as "There are no roads there". The only construction done there are according to the plans of the MasterBuilder. There, they don't live according to our rules, we adhere to theirs. There we are merely visitors in a strange, dim slow-mo world where everything takes its own time to move, to sway with the current. No rush.

Now I'm back and burnt, typing this with a stick of Kinder Bueno in one hand. :)

Good day!