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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Today we really ATE mann. Fuyoh.

And the only picture we took was with Ps. Solomon Abraham whom we bumped into and only dared to say hi to at the end.

Chomp! Chomp! Chomp! Chomp!

For ourselves, really.

A week goes by at just like that *snap fingers*. Then it’ll be a month, then a year, then ten years and before you know it, your whole life.

You’ve only got one life. Do something. (Hehheh…I just HAD to.)

Selamat Hari Raya to you all!

I went to Marks and Spencers today. Said hello to the cashier while I was paying for some jam tarts I thought my dad would like. I asked him if he was going to balik kampung today, since its Raya. He said nope, he’s gotta work. I asked the same thing to the lady behind the counter at the petrol station, and the receptionist at the doctor’s clinic yesterday. Nope, they all said…gotta work! :(

Its like working on Christmas.

Thank you, Satay Man at Alisans, Cashier At Marks and Spencers, Lady Behind the Counter at Petronas, Receptionist at Klinik Medijaya and everyone else who has sacrificed being home with family to serve us today. May you have a good Raya anyway :)

Its pretty sad (myself included) how PJians have no place to go and thus, flood the malls on public holidays. We should build ourselves some fake beaches/fake highlands or something.


Thursday, September 9, 2010


I’ve shifted to the hospital store. It feels weird working in a hospital! Like, one walks into a hospital expecting to jab, or be jabbed – people go there because they’re in pain, or want to help others who are in pain – not to sell over-priced coffee!

Ah well, but here it is - I now sell over-priced coffee to people in pain, or families visiting people in pain, or others. I’ve found myself wondering, these past two days (I only started at the hospital yesterday!), what do I say to these people while trying to make conversation over the retail counter? Do I ask “Are you having a good day?”. I mean…they’re not there to shop, or hangout! They’re there because they/someone they know isn’t well, or its their job to pick at brains or drain blood and clean bed pans. Not exactly sunshine and glamour, if you ask me – well, maybe not to me at least. My hat is off to the ones who willingly, with a smile, change adult diapers, perform coffee enema on others and mend human guts!

On the bright side…its a new place for me to explore! (I accidently walked, almost into the MORGUE late Tuesday night…now, that was creepy!) I plan to wander to the paeds ward (if I get to go in) and see the babies tomorrow. Awww :) :) :) We get lots of babies at the store (when their parents get coffee for themselves). I love looking at them. The babies, that is.

When I was at One U, I was comfortable…almost to the point where I considered (if the meager salary wasn’t a factor) just doing this my whole life (I hope none of my aunts/dad/Jen/Dai May see this! :P). It was fun, I had great colleagues and everything was so accessible. PLUS I loved that I was working in One Utama! Now that I’ve been taken out of my comfort zone, I can’t wait for something more permanent (and NOT in a hospital!). Maybe this is God telling me to look ahead and that I simply cannot stay in Starbucks forever (I know…you must be thinking duhh! –who says ‘duhh anymore, anyway?!) but, well, just hanging out some linen.

Some other random stuff:

We (the Youth) are going for Steamboat-BBQ in Kepong this Saturday, and I’m really REALLYYY looking forward to it. I went once, our ex-colleagues at Fly took us there on our 2nd-last day of work…and it was WONDERFUL! (*cue angels song). The spread is amazing, and you get to barbeque and boil all your food all by yourself and there’s unlimited ice-cream and fondue and jellies annnnddd….FRIED CHICKEN WINGS! 

Insert: Fried Chicken Wings! *beam

Maybe I’m just hungry now, or maybe thinking about the buffet is making me hungry.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Like my chick blog? :D

Don’t read if you’re already depressed.

I am starting to see the my world, slowly, bit by bit, for what it is. And it is not pretty. In fact, for the most part it is downright nasty – rotten to the core. Thinking about it makes me think of what happens to apples when you cut them in half and leave the insides exposed to oxygen. They turn brown and slowly start to rot.

I don’t mean to sound so negative, not especially on my ‘first day back’ after such a long hiatus. Yew Meng commented today, as I was lamenting to him about the messed up state we I am living in, “What are you a pessimist?”. Never in my life has anyone called me a pessimist. I am/was 88% Sanguine, according to the crazya**-long questionnaire we did to figure out why some are perky and some are not. Now I’m starting to wonder why no one took into account our sugar-intake.

Louie Armstrong must have been hallucinating when he sang “What a wonderful world”.

If only we would learn to be kinder, nicer, less selfish, more giving. That would help things by a mile.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guide me home

This is the air I breathe
This is the air I breathe.

Your Holy Presence living in me.

This is my daily bread
This is my daily bread.

Your very Word spoken to me;


And I, I’m lost without You.