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Sunday, May 30, 2010

I’m presently in a rather strange phase

More and more, I’m getting used to being Home. At first it was surreal. I couldn’t get my head around having a permanent residence. I sound dramatic, I know you think that. But its true! I had gotten so used to living like a nomad, out of a suitcase (more like, a laundry bag :P ), my car as a shoe closet – that I just couldn’t get it – I’m home, back where I’d left off, three years later.

Which probably explains my reluctance to clean out my room (this is just an excuse I’m making up). But I finally did, the other day. I took out my suitcase, brought it downstairs and into the storeroom.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Dude!


Happy Birthday Wei Soon!

I driving from work that day and feeling all grown up, and a thought just fluttered into my mind like a butterfly in sepia and stayed there; I thought about how we used to walk home from school, and the hole in your classroom, and the times we got out our bicycles and cycled around, and about your beat-up car which you used to fetch me around with, and about how you called me after prom while sitting outside 7-11 with Paul, and how you texted me from camp in school.

Then I realised that I had forgotten bits of those times (though not the essential bits) because they were set so far back, and we were so young and so different.

And I wondered what you are like now, and if you were different, older, like I am. And I wished I knew you like I did then.

You’ve been gone so long dude! I really miss you. I’m sorry I’m not better at that whole email-msn-sms-snail mail-keeping in touch thing! :( But hurry back!

Anyway happy birthday! :) :) :) I really really miss you. Hope you’re having a FAB one there!