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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Missing Christmas

You know, Christmas has always excited me. Always. I would start fussing about Christmas in July because July would mean half the year has passed, and the closer half to Christmas is here. I listen to Christmas songs, whenever.

I LOVE Christmas. I love everything about Christmas. I love the colours, red, green, gold, white, silver, gingerbread brown. I love Christmas songs. I am amazed at how there are absolutely no bad songs (by bad i mean 'bad sounding') in an entire genre when it comes to Christmas songs/music! I love the smells of Christmas, the lights, the bustling sound of people doing last minute shopping in malls, the rustling of wrappers. I love it all. I love Christmas movies, putting up plays/song performances at church/ carolling, getting inviting to sing for turkey. There's nothing about Christmas that I don't like. I may complain and whine sometimes about being stressed out and tired for all the activity during Christmas-time. But I secretly enjoy it all.


Or at least I did. Christmas is so different this year. Its the 23rd today, and I haven't done ANY shopping. There isn't a single piece of wrapping paper on my room floor. I've only been able to join the caroling group to carol -- once. I'm so disappointed. I've been looking forward to this year's Christmas since the 26th of December last year.

This sucks. :(

Ordinarily there would be packages at the foot of our Christmas tree. And I would be eyeing them, excited to open them, but telling myself to restrain till Christmas day. There would be carols playing on the radio, or at least in my head all the time. We would be rushing here and there for dinners today (the 23rd) going from house to house to carol.

They did carol. But I had to work. All through this Christmas season, I had to work. It wasn't Christmassy at work at all. Sure, we had a lunch and a gift exchange. But after that everyone just went back to their desks and worked. No carols in the background (I really wanted to play some carols, but I figured the other writers needed quiet to think, to write). My only consolation is that we have Christmas eve off. It would kill me to have to work on Christmas eve.

I'm not trying to make those who have to work on Christmas eve feel badly. Maybe this only affects me because I'm such a Christmas fanatic.

Ah well, for what its worth. May we all find Christmas, in our hearts :) Cliché I know, but true.

Merry Christmas, one and all!