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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Ok. In an effort to blog again, I've joined a BLOGGING COMPETITION! All I have to do is...blog everyday about something to the day that starts with each letter of the alphabet. So means tomorrow's will be A for April.

I'll bet LOTS of people are going to name their post April. Mmphh. But not me! Na’ah!

What will my blogpost be then? Ahahhah! It's a mystery.
Since I'm probably the only one who reads this blog, since everyone else probably thinks its dead by now, I'm keeping myself in suspense. Sad, but true.

You know (self), I've been blogging for a very. long. time now. This would be my...8th year.Why haven't I been making any money out of this? Maybe I should start photographing cute colourful things, like these marshmellows I'm munching on. Mmmm mmm. :)


Feeling a little bit nostalgic, I went & dug into my past….blog. xanga.com/envyno. Hey, before blogspot, and wordpress and all that canggih manggih, xanga was IN ok.

This was my first ever post at the tender age of 16. It didn’t use to look like this at first (with all the purple flowers and all), but I couldn’t find the original template.


I sounded 16 didn't I? Hehe. I even got a comment! My first ever comment….from myself. Sad smile


Alrightos. Its 6.30, time to go home! I won’t say where I’m blogging from. Hehee. Toodles! See you (me) tomorrow for an A! – not cool, I know…couldn’t come up with something wittier.