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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

2.36 a.m. , Thursday in the wee hours . I'll just post in this old (post) bcos I like the green smiling gecko. It's so darn cute.
Am up because I downed some packet cappuccino (Indocafe) that doesn't taste anything like cappucino. Ah well, at least it keeps me awake. I have two tests tomorrow, and a pile of articles and notes to read before those two tests.
And as usual I'm being easily distracted, first by lisalisa! and rachieboo and shannon and jo; then by some Tomato Cottage Fries; then bt Joshua Chin's new blog that has three posts and now by the green smiling gecko. It's darn cute, isn't it.

I'm supposed to be studying, and I'm supposed to be on diet. Will I make it? Well, we'll see.