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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

some new and old things.

It's durian season now.

There's a whole longgok of durian in a sack from Suateng downstairs. I can smell them from here, but I haven't touched any. I've been waiting, wanting this, Durian Season, since February. But now that it's here, I find that I don't really want it anymore.

It's funny how that happens, isn't it? We imagine something to be thoroughly amazing when we don't have it, even adding in our own 'bits of nice' to it, but when we have it for real, we find that we're unable to truly menghayati because we've used up everything on the imaginary.

My Papa tells me to "Learn to spend wisely".

In recent times, Sue Ann, Stephy and I went on a food fast, and then on a food fest in Seremban, Melaka and then Kluang; where we had (no meals and then) many meals in a single meal. :D
Many thanks to God, Colin, Makkoh, Cathy, Tim, Jules, Wai Yan, Isaac, Paulus, Joan, Joy, aunty and uncle Lee and Abigail for making it all so memorable for us :) We shall do it again!

Lydia + Li Yit = LyYit or LiDia soon. Boy oh boy, do I love weddings!! :)

Am currently waiting still (I almost always am, aren't I?) may it be for not too much longer ...anyhow, I bet I'll learn treasures from this. Am slightly nervous; so please Lord, teach me to trust You more and cling on to that trust, or rather to You.
And to you
Who are waiting too,
Be of stout heart, Dear One
Because I know; if I were to know anything it would be this : That He loves us and He will walk us to the end, wherever that end may be.

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MarcusDS said...

GIVE THEM TO MEEEE!!!!I shall blog about my durian adventure soon..haha