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Friday, July 10, 2009

G'nite, sugar

When I start eating like this, I know it's coming.

It's been the First Week. And I've been getting a lot of exercise, brisk walking around the campus looking for lecturers, trying to take just the right subject at just the right time because my class times keep clashing, because I'm taking too many subjects.
Much thanks be to Father in Heaven for letting me take the subject I really wanted to take. I almost didn't get to. But nothing is too difficult for my tycoon Dad up there. :)

Meeting my old friends again - the used bookstore and Nescafe cafe - has been greatly comforting. I shall hit the pool soon.

While cleaning out our mini-room on Monday, I found a dead cockroach under my bed. It has been there, dead, for so long that when I tried to sweep its (yech) rotting shell onto a dustpan with a broom, it quite literally just fell apart. There was nothing left of its body to hold its head, feelers, legs and (shudder) wings together. I am still trying to recover from the fact that a cockroach has been decaying under my very being for a WHOLE SEMESTER!!!

Urgh. *Shudder.


We (Mich and I) have changed the decor of our mini-room. We've arranged our beds and tables to form a square and we now have a small space in the middle where we can put a rug and dance about, or sit down and talk nonsense if we wanted to. So much space for activities! This is what I call optimizing space; and I can't imagine why we didn't think of this arrangement before!!!

Mich says it's because we were "saving it for this year".

We have some new neighbours too! Some of them are pretty dodgy, though. The ones living next to us are ok - nice, quiet, respectful boys studying at the vocational school near here. The ones staying in the lot opposite to ours, however, keep waving at us (they can see through mine and Mich's windows into our room). It doesn't help that our windows are pretty huge. So now we keep our curtains drawn most of the time.
Because of them, I was at first a little apprehensive to hoist my colours, if you know what I mean. But then I thought to myself, "why should I let a couple of itchy, bored boys keep me from wearing clean underwear?!". At present, our room is as colourful as ever. :D

So, I've reached Friday (phew!). And to think it's only been the first week! As He has been reminding me over and over again during the holidays; I gotta hold on tight to the True Source, to Him, Jesus.
He will carry me through
Until the battle's done
and the victory is won
My God will carry me through.

Things are moving pretty slowly. Slow like snail. But maybe sometimes slow is good. Good is steady. Steady is snail. Slow is steady.
Slow and steady :)

Well, hello weekend! I've waited a whole week for you!


He said, "G'nite, sugar". Hehe :)

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