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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

trust & obey




It is hard to imagine, let alone believe that tomorrow might just be our last.


 O Lord, in this time, let Your voice be heard clearly over the storm.

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siehjin said...

hi sue yin... =)

i don't know much about this... just the little that i've heard by chatting with him... but i just want to applaud and commend both of you.

i cannot imagine how hard it must have been - perhaps still is - for both of you to hear this and obey. to be honest, i do not know if The Wife and i would have been able to honour God in the way that both of you have. maybe with a lot more grumbling and anger and shouting at God - not with the kind of willing submission that i see in the two of you.

may God bless both of you for the way you have honoured and obeyed Him.