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Thursday, May 22, 2014


The pull of the world, is strong, yes. 

 But my God is stronger. He places Himself as a “filter” within me - the truth - which is a bright lamp exposing the false pretenses of the world. 

 “Give yourself to pleasure, just live”, the world says and I must admit that I am enticed. It resonates with my curious nature in wanting to see everything, wanting to experience everything. The enemy tries to deceive me into believing, much like he deceived Eve: God doesn't want you to LIVE life - all His rules, His boundaries, His limits are meant to keep you from “living life to the fullest”. 

But the truth is, what the world paints as a pretty picture: is just that — paint that cracks under extreme weather, that loses its sheen over time — and underneath the mask of bright colours is nothing but cold, dead, concrete. 

There is no life outside Christ. There is only false beauty, false hope, instant gratification, temporary relief, nothing permanent or abiding. The only thing constant in a life outside Christ is the surety of despair. 

His commands are almost always difficult ones. His standards always seem so impossible and unattainable, because they are so far above, so far removed from the tremendously low bar sinful humanity has set for ourselves. 

The narrow path is a frightening one to take. But this “lamp” that guides my path, this “filter” that whispers in my ear “not this, my beloved” — it is within me because of His grace.
His tremendous, incomprehensible, limitless love for me which keeps me from falling. Which hoists me to live by His “standards” which I would otherwise never be able to reach on my own. The work of grace, His work on the Cross. Once I was blind, but now I see.

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