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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Why I Heart P.J. (part 23)

Tis the final week of my 2 month long holiday *sobb*. And so I am going all out! And there's really no better place to bum around and entertain one's self than in P.J., the City of Entertainment.

Monday, I watched Wanted.

For those of you who are contemplating whether to watch or not watch, I say, if you liked Jumper and Hitman then you'd probably like Wanted a bit more than the other two. The action is quite good, entertainingly violent (not TOO much like Pathfinder) but the story, in my humble 2 sen worth of opinion, is pretty darn dumb. Not too impressive for an Angelina Jolie flick, but go watch anyway, so you won't be left out when your friends are talking about it.

Tuesday I watched The Incredible Hulk (TIH) (2).

(2) because if you remember, there was already one in 2003, so, I was wondering, why did they come out with another so soon?.
from the company of my fellow TIH watchers say its because the earlier (not the 1978
one, the 2003 - Hulk - one) was a flop. I actually thought that was alright...I mean...ANYTHING with Eric Bana is alright in my books (except maybe Norbit, or Epic Movie) :D But I'd have to agree...this (2008) one's better. Not WAYY better, but better. I liked the end part :)

Today (is Wednesday) I watched Beauty and The Beast (The Musical, and UK version) with some special kids from the school.

I've watched Beauty and The Beast the katun so many times (throughout my lifetime) that I know the whole dialogue, I even went for Beauty and The Beast, Disney on Ice when I was a kid, and got the mirror. This one's a bit different though...they put in some of their own songs, and they're very UK. But it was alright, and I enjoyed being with the kids.

I also heart PJ (call me shallow and materialistic lah) for the shopping malls. Seriously, P.J. is the best place to be when Malaysia goes on Mega Sale.

Four days left, P.J. my love, then its back to Bangi.

p/s: mng's end of season sale is pretty awesome this time round!

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