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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's 4.14 a.m. here in Hentian Kajang. I'm still up because of some teh tarik kurang manis just now. I thought I'd blog about the night we went up to Genting spontaneously.

We got lost going up, it was fun though. I think. We saw a drunk ghost-man on the way.
Disclaimer : Joanne and Mark thinks it was a 'ghost', but I think it was a drunk man wearing white - can't a drunk man in white walk the roads at 2 am? Besides, if it was a 'ghost', how come three of us could see him? Lisa was lost in her thoughts, and Lai Yee was fast asleep, so they didn't see the drunk ghost-man.
We finally reached, and it was tootin cold! But, mind over matter! Joanne's teeth were chattering because of the cold, because she was wearing a minimini skirt ;), so I bravely gave her my shawl. Mind over matter! Cehh.
Lisa and I were the only ones - in the whole Genting - without extra cloths. So we were both walking along the sidewalks wearing only our very beach wear-like dresses. If you understand Hokkien, you would know what siao char boh means.

We did nothing in Genting,

and reached incredibly hot PJ at about 6.30 a.m. We were the only ones in Paadi's having breakfast. Boy, do they open early!

It was pretty fun going up to Genting spontaneously. You guys should try it sometime. These kind of things can only do when you're young and crazy one, and not anymore when you're old and crazy. :D

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