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Friday, August 21, 2009

Lord I'm amazed by You, how You love me.

One night, I dreamt I was walking along a hillside with Jesus. The weather was perfect, the sky was blue and the air was cool; and Jesus and I were walking hand in hand, talking like the best and oldest of friends. We stopped at a tree with some big rocks under it and sat down, still talking. Jesus was listening with great interest to the things I had to say. Halfway talking to Jesus, I looked up and saw in a distance, someone I knew. All of a sudden I felt a sudden compulsion to run up to that person to talk to him, and so I did. But, while telling that person what I felt I had to so urgently convey, I felt convicted and with my head hung I went back to Jesus and said "Lord, I'm sorry for running off like that, it was so rude of me". Jesus looked at me, and said "It's ok. Come, let's try again".

So we got up from our rocks, and continued on our stroll, walking and talking as we had before. As usual, I did more of the talking, hardly allowing Jesus to say anything. But He listened patiently, and paid great interest in what I had to say.After a short while, I looked up, and was again distracted by what I saw - a friend in a distance. And just as before, I felt a sudden urge to run up to that person, thus again interrupting my conversation with the Lord. And as before, halfway, I realized my rudeness and went back to Jesus to apologize. As before, He said, "It's ok. Come, let's try again".

The scenario repeated itself again and again. I would run off suddenly and run back to Him in repentance and He would say "It's ok. Come, let's try again" Each time I ran off, Jesus would stay where we were, waiting for me to come back.

After some time, the day turned into evening, and the sky had grown dark. I noticed this while talking to the friend I had run off to. As before, I went back to Jesus, but this time knowing that our day together was drawing to an end, I was grieved and cried "Lord, I'm so sorry. Please teach me to be undistracted!". At this, Jesus looked at me, and loving me unconditionally, despite everything that I'd done, He said "It's okay. Let's try again tomorrow".


Jesus, Beautiful Saviour
God of all majesty
Risen King
Lamb of God
Holy and Righteous
Blessed Redeemer
Bright Morning Star

All the heavens shout Your Praise
All creation bows to worship You

How wonderful, how beautiful
Name above every name
Exalted high!
How wonderful, how beautiful
Jesus Your Name
Name above every name


Lord I'm amazed by You, how You love me.


MarcusDS said...

awesome..makes me want to cry everytime i read it..

YvonneLim said...

Me too....God is so good!