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Monday, August 24, 2009

Today I...

Went to church in the morning. Thank You for a wonderful time, Lord :)

Sat down on the landing in front of the entrance with Inkkie and Jack, and let them brainwash me.

Had kopi ais with Lisa, Yeuwks, James and Mr. Lee. Couldn't finish my cuppa, so I gave Mr. Lee the rest. Cost RM 1.50.

Accompanied Lisa to Tmn. Megah to sign for her *ehhem* grey new toy. There were a lot of papers to sign. We perah-ed freegifts out of the salesman, till we couldn't think of anything else to ask for.

Had limau madu ais at the Old Town Kopi Tiam, which cost RM 3.60. CRAZY EXPENSIVE RIGHT? ...I contradict myself. I keep saying it, but I keep going back there.

After helping to load and unload some children's books, went to KL with Mr. Lee. RELA workers were catching foreigners and cramming and shoving them into trucks; like dogs being sent to the pound. It was hot enough outside, imagine what it was like inside the truck. I saw it as an abuse of power of the part of the RELA, and a violation of the basic human rights of the foreigners - unfair, because the foreigners were helpless. I was saddened and wondered what I could do, what we all could do to change things.

Made friends with the purse salesman in KL Sentral, who told me he's eaten crocodile and elephant meat, and monkey's brains out of a monkey while it's still alive. He says the shop's in Pudu. It's too much. I'm going to report this to SPCA.

Had dinner out of a bento box, and then Mr. Lee and I watched UP!. In 3-D! We had to wear some special reflective glasses to see the 3-D effects. Coolness to fullness!

*Some people in front of us snuck in and ate some Ohmygosh-smelly-until-can-faint something disgusting. It smelt like this - imagine a cross between chow-tow-foo, sweaty feet that have been in a shoe for too long and herbal chicken soup. It smelt like that, and I suspect that was what it was. I couldn't take the stink - yes, stink - after awhile, so I whispered as gently and politely as I could, without gagging, "Excuse me, the smell from the stuff you're eating is really strong. Do you mind not eating it here?" And the guy replied "Ok, ok". Hmmmph! Inconsiderate AND rude! We should have (would have) reported them, had we not (too) snuck in Krispy Kreme. But Krispy Kreme does NOT emit a pungent odour!

After Mr. Lee had enough of looking at cameras, we had coffee in Austin Chase in Pavillion. Cynthia and Goh said we should. So we did. I recommend the iced cappuccino! Yums! :)

Bought bread which was going cheap (because they were about to close) from Bread Talk. 5 breads for RM 10!

There were people throwing coconuts on the street in Brickfields. At 11 pm! Made friends with an Aunty standing nearby who told me it was a hindu god's birthday. I don't understand the throwing coconuts part though.

Got home, washed my face and blogged about today.

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