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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Windows Live Writer!

Woo hoo!

I keep reading about how chuntothemoon Live Writer is, and thought I’d try it out for myself – hey!I’m blogging from Live Writer! This way, I don’t have to wait for ‘toopid Blogspot to load, which takes a million years!

It’s very hot today, so my wash dried fast and easy. We have a 10 page essay due tomorrow, which I have not started AND Dr. Megat insists that we have to present our film review today. Sheesh. Maybe I shouldn’t have asked.

Went to read and have dinner by myself [ :( ] @the New Delifrance behind PKNS yesterday. And I was the ONLY customer when I went in, and the only customer when I came out. Service was good, because I was the only customer. They gave me a HUGE piece of soft garlic baguette to eat with my Beef Bolognese [ :) ] –maybe because no one else eat; and the waiter who served me was cute. Hehe. [ :P ]

The Cappuccino there is really yummy! and comes in a huge mug. Halfway through dinner I realised the mug they used for my cappuccino was the same one they used for my mushroom soup. Haha. + a cookie + a date. (Kurma la, not cute waiter I hope Mr. Lee does not read this. [ :P ]

It’s FRIDAY tomorrow! And I’m going home!! :) Yayayayayayayayayayyy!

TTYL! Chao the Mao ;)

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