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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

No ham?

Decided to make myself a healthy-diet-exam-stay-at-home-save-money kit, which basically are ingredients for ham sandwiches and some fruits. Not trusting Kajang Giant to have ham in their stock (I was right), I went to Tesco thinking, you know, Tesco is from the UK. UK people eat ham all the time.

Ham ham ham.

So I walked around Tesco looking out for a nice sales lady behind a cold cuts counter who would timbang some ham for me, like the one in the KJ Giant Mall. I walked round and round until people started looking at me, still I could not find any ham.

I suppose people were looking at me because after awhile I had a frown on my face. I just could not believe there isn't any ham in TESCO! Hmmph.

I refused to give up - so I asked the cashier at the bakery section, "Excuse me, nak tanya sikit...kat sini ada jual ham tak?" (How do you say ham in BM?) He just looked at me and then after awhile pointed to his lady colleague standing nearby, "Tanya dia".


I posed the same question, "Kak, kat sini ada ham tak?"

She said, "Ham? Hamburger?"

I gave up. Kat Tesco Kajang memang takde ham.


charis said...

Ada ham !
banyak lagi... ada imported babi burger patty summore if you want.
its at a secret pork room, in the non-halal area, beside the alcohol. somewhere near the counters. david and i stumbled across it just the other day...we were like wahh. all kinds of stuff there. its like a goldmine of pork.

~StH3R~ said...

mcd's in uk got ham in their hamburgers! haha so she was right in a way she did not knw...lol pork! i eat ham here almst everyday =.=

YvonneLim said...

Woo hoo! Thanks for the tip, Charis! Babi babi here I come! :D

Hi Esther! How r u? Sorry I haven't been emailing...will sit down to email after my exams. Promise. :)
McDs with ham! So nice!!