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Thursday, October 1, 2009

One just like Yours.

I’m feeling a little bit overwhelmed. There are too many things to do, too many people to deal with and attend to and I’m a bit too tired.
My prayer is not that You would take it all away. I thank You that You have given me work, because it teaches me that I need You.
My prayer is that You would give me a pure heart, that You would make me a light bulb, just the glass part, and You be the tungsten -that You would shine in me and through me.
Help me to love, not as I know how to love, but to love them as You love them. I know You love them, furiously, and Your Heart aches for them. Help me to love them like that.
Help me to be patient and kind, even when it doesn’t make any sense to be. Especially then.

Most of all, help me to be faithful. And to be faithful only to You. Then everything else will be an overflow of what it means to be with You. Because You are everything.

Give me a pure heart, one just like Yours
I can serve You with each day
With no distractions,
My words and my actions
Will magnify Your Name
In everything that I do
I want to glorify You
Give me a pure heart, one just like Your heart
Give me a pure heart I pray.

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