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Monday, November 2, 2009

Nevermind la.

Today I wore to the exam hall the SAME outfit I wore to CHURCH yesterday – a black tank top WITH SEELVES and loose striped slacks. I pulled on a long pink cardi over these and thought I looked pretty decent. The only skin I allowed exposed was the skin of my neck, face and hands.

Upon entering the hall, I had barely sat down when a short man donning a songkok came up to me and said, in no distinguished manner, “You tak tau ke, regulasi pemakaian peperiksaan? Ini macam pakai pergi disco!” and proceeded to make me fill in a red form warning me to never again enter the exam hall, scantily clad. Apparently he could see my arms through the sleeves of my cardigan.

In these times, I want to yell “WHAT THE HECK?!” and throw a fork or a pen. But instead, I think I should say, “Nevermind la”, and turn the other cheek. Sigh.


shengmae said...

I would've punched that idiot. You know I would. >(

YvonneLim said...

I know. It did cross my mind - what would Sheng Mae do? Haha.