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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tighter Security Please!

An email to Tony Pua
(which, by amazing coincidence has the same title as the one LisatheEgg wrote, with the exception of one exclamation mark! - my gosh, Uks is right, we can read each other's minds!)

To : tonypua@yahoo.com
Tighter Security Please!

Dear Tony Pua,

My name is Yvonne Lim, and my handbag was snatched off my lap two hours ago.
I am living in SS4D/12. I was having dinner with a friend in Subway in Glomac, SS5. We sat outside the restaurant. At about 11 pm, there wasn't anyone around except the staff who were inside. It was then that we noticed a Malay man, thin and had bloodshot eyes standing next to our table looking in. It didn't seem like anything was amiss so we carried on talking, when suddenly he lunged towards us, grabbed my handbag OFF MY LAP and ran towards a motorbike on the other side of the street and rode off pillion.

I've made a police report, but I am sure mine would be just one report of thousands reporting snatch theft in that area. According to the Subway staff (who came out after the whole incident), this has happened in the same area, by the same two guys (they recognized and could describe the man who snatched my bag). Obviously not much has been done to tighten security in the area, let alone curb the crime.

I am writing this to you because as a young Malaysian, looking forward to a better state, I was very impressed by your revolutionary ideas to (to quote from your blog "Philosophy Politics Economy") "make our country a better place for all communities, and a country we can all be proud of.".
To start off, however, could I suggest that your office do something to put an end to this snatch-theft nuisance, that has had so many reported incidences, the police have begun to file as "ignore"?

I truly hope to see a better, safer Selangor under the jurisdiction of DAP.

Thank you.

God Bless.


Twas a TRULY scary experience, so to all of you reading this, (especially to all my gals)please do be careful! Try not to bring bags/purses that might attract unwanted attention. If at all you need to bring a bag, hold it close to your person.
And do NOT, i repeat, do NOT walk alone in dodgy areas, unless you have a flashlight strapped to a helmet on your head and have a menacing looking M-16 strapped around you.

Let this serve as a(nother) reminder, that we NEED to PRAY for our society. And that God will bring to an end these snatch-theft nuisances.


p/s :

Praise God forevermore!! :)

Welcome to the family of God, Suki! How wonderful it is to know Jesus :)

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