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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yet Another PesTy Post

I'm not going to put a pic up, because this is really disgusting.

I've made a new discovery, though i'm not sure it will benefit anyone, so other than this post, i'm not going to make a public affair of it.
I found out, through a series of - by all means, unintended, trust me - observations, that cockroaches can sense fear...and in some sick, twisted way, they feed on fear - yes, like Dementors.

I will explain, and you will agree with me.

The first time i suspected this was one night, last year.
I went up to my room, ready to get into bed, after a whole day out, when suddenly i hear a 'tzzz tzzz' sound of fluttering (flapping?) chitin. I look toward the direction of the sound and then i saw her, a King Kong's Mother of a roach! and i am certain, as sure as i have a belly button, that she was looking right at me.
And then she FLEW right at me.
(how i know its a girl, because all girl roaches can fly la)

So naturally, i screamed and ran away.

To cut the long story short,(and i'd rather not get into details cos i'm still trying to forget, but for the sake of research, i'm bringing myself to recall the event) when i went back to the room again thinking she's gone, i heard the crackling of chitinous wings again *yuck* and there she was, looking at me, and she flew at me again.

That night, i gave up, i slept in Sue Ann's room.

That was just the first time.

After that, i started to notice that every time i go into the kitchen and there's a cockroach and a stomp on the floor near it, it runs AT me.

On Monday, i went back to my dorm room in uni (or Roach Land), and when i opened my cupboard there was one! Can fly one summore! ...there's never one at my roommate's side of the room ok!, only mine...and this is not the first time!

But, brace yourself for this - this is the ultimatum:

On Wednesday night i parked in front of my faculty, at the parking lot, where everyone else parks their cars, to go to class.
After a good class (it was the last one for the semester :D), i got into my car and closed the door and started the engine. And then...guess what i saw on the windscreen?
yup, a cockroach. a big one. Like the King Kong's Mother one.


So, see? Now you believe me?Cockroaches know somehow that i'm afraid of them, thats why they come after me. They feed on phobia.

In case you get too yuck-out after reading this, i'm putting up a picture of flower. Looking at flowers always makes me feel better after a roach infested day.

Here you go:


Schmae said...


Roaches have been a fan of you since we were 8 lah woman! :D

And your post made my day. :p

lisathetan said...

Call NLC, your one stop termite&cockroach solution!