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Saturday, June 21, 2008

A little bit of influence

Its 3.51 a.m. I blog very often these days, don't i?

Yesterday was our second twenties bible-study-gathering-meeting at Yim's. It was such a good time of just...being with peers and discussing things that really matter in life, like God, and our relationship with Him.

It was good, because so often we talk alot of nonsense (i know thats bad grammar...its late la). Like Mark says "its pretty amazing how we can sit at mamak for 3 hours and talk about shit". He wasn't being vulgar, we really have sat at mamak for 3 hours talking about shit. haha. yea i know, wow.

So yesterday we discussed busy-ness (not business...hahaha). And it really was a very good discussion. Kudos, Hats Off! to Lisa for initiating this.
The discussion also made me realize, that i'm not really very busy...in fact (we had to scale our busy-ness level at this point from one to ten) and to be honest with myself, i had to give myself a 1.5.

Today was Influence Conference night one at GTPJ. (tomorrow will be Day 2, starting 8 a.m., gosh i hope i can wake up!). Today's talk was good, On God's concept of success, or something like that. Benny Ong (he was the speaker tonight) is a 62 year old, 5'7 man who doesn't look 62 at all.
His secret? Prayer and exercise, my friends. Prayer and exercise.

Before i blogger off, I would like to say...a big congrats to all my peeps out there who applied for and got into local uni. This is the time of your lives. Woo Hoo!

G'nite chickies.

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