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Monday, September 15, 2008

All creation sing of Your Majesty, O Lord.

textmsg frm Edmund UKM : Gt nice rainbow jus rite fron out hs.

So I ran down to see the big, beautiful rainbow. We just stood there in silence, mesmerized - and then Ed says


Beautiful, Beautiful
Jesus is Beautiful
And Jesus makes Beautiful all the things in my life
Touching me, Changing me
Causing my eyes to see
Jesus makes Beautiful all the things in my life.


lisathetan said...

it is truly beautiful

h0cmun said...

i got that too!
it's a short and simple reminder for us.

envyno said...

Creation reflects a hint of His beauty. Jesus is Beautiful :) How can we see and not worship!

charis said...


thats a song i used to hear when i was tiny that i forgot i ever knew... thanks for reminding me of it ;)