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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

when I was young.

Fields of gold
The Bright Blue Sea,
They smile at me.
I see your eyes,
they smile too,
as though they're saying
"I Love You"

"Petals Red!",
The Roses said.
Violets Blue,
I do to.
Let's dream of clouds of cotton white,
that shade the sun,
She shines so bright.

"Then make our day",
the Blackbirds say,
"Love ever dearly, come what may"

So take my hand and sit by me,
and whisper in my ear about the sea.
We'll sit all day,
till day is night.
And whisper about the sea till the stars are in sight.
Then take my hand before you go,

and smile at me so that I'll know,
When the Roses talk and the Blackbirds say
It's you and me,
come what may,

We'll sit again
to whisper about the sea
and see clouds of white
and Violets blue
and the Daisies
for they smile too.


Daniel said...

cool blog, nice poem.

Dree said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by will be linking u up since we share the same chinese name =)

Nice poem. It brings a strange relaxing feel that sometimes we neglect in the midst of our busy schedules.

Sometimes we gotta hold our stride and admire the scenery least we miss the finer things in life

siehjin said...

oh, so wistful and poignant...

ahhhh. =)