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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Today I read a letter published in The Star (and I can't find it online) about MPSJ workers abusing stray dogs. The writer saw them beating up the strays while on her routine evening walk, and when she yelled out at them to stop, they seemed to beat the dogs even harder. WHAT did the dogs do to deserve such treatment? There are very few laws on animal rights in this country - this is not regarded as a 'big deal' here, dogs being beaten up for no reason. I can't even find the article online, so I'll bet this happens all the time, and the abusers get away with it; so WE, the public need to do something. If you see anything like this happening, write in, make everyone aware of it - or take a stick and whack the big meanies.


Xenia said...

hi is it ok if I put a link of ur blog in my blog?thx;)

yvonne said...

oh..yea sure :D