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Monday, May 11, 2009

Life in an oven.


The long awaited holidays are finally here. When I was not on holiday, I had all sorts of plans for these next two months. Work? Not work? Shop? But how to shop without work? Go for MYPG/FWP/etc? Who would hire me for work for only one month, then?
So, despite having all these plans - too many in fact - I'm now sitting here; it's the first day of my 2 month (on the calendar, May has 31 days and June has 30) break, and I find myself wondering what to do with, well, myself.
Actually there are alot of things I could do, all the stuff I'd left for later for all the times I had procrastinated.
Like clean out the fish bowl.
Finish making last year's Christmas present that I owe everyone.
Finish reading the pile of books that I had gone through halfway. (and had left for later because I found something more enjoyable to read)
Clean out my closet.
Clean my room.

But I just don't want to do them now, maybe later. Heh.

It doesn't help that it's suuuuuuuper hot and the sky is as blue as kerabu (no sign of rain), and the aircond in my room went *pok* yesterday and wouldn't turn on since.

Today, all I've done is make myself a mug on Nescafe Regular and put ice.

That's pretty good for a hot day's worth, don't you think? :)


rendezvous@isaac said...

Get motivated Yvonne! Finish reading your books, it's very fulfilling.. Guaranteed!

~StH3R~ said...

haha, erm i think i will feel the same way after i finish my exams...worst i got 4 months...well i guess will shake leg at home 1st for the 1st week..hehe