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Monday, April 4, 2011

Be Consistent!

I’m gonna make up for forgetting to post my B post on Saturday by doing a triple post ….chehwah.

1. Becoming Children again.

On Saturday, we had planned a youth trip to the KLCC Skybridge. Sue Ann & I went at 7.30 a.m., ahead of everyone to buy tickets, but when we got there – omg there were SO many people and the line was so long! Gilerr. But we lined up anyway, and waited half awake and grumpy. I had slept at 4 am the night before –.- Trust me, I was grumpy.

Thank God for the Mesra shop there…that sold strong coffee and overpriced hotdogs. At least we weren’t hungry. Just a bit broke, and it was just breakfast.

When we were only 1/4 way to the counter, the board showed “Now selling tickets for 1.30 p.m. visit to the skybridge” It was way too late for us, so we decided to chow. WHATS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT THE SKYBRIDGE ANYWAY? Why every time also packed one? I must commend the service at the KLCC Skybridge counter/waiting room though. Really friendly, helpful and polite guards, despite how early and packed the place was.

But kesian la, my poor yuffies…Ezra brought his binoculars some more. Haha. So we decided instead to go to Petrosains.

You know, I expected to be bored out of my skull. The last time I went to Petrosains, I was 12 or something. And even then I was bored – I remember it being about petrol and some really lame helicopter ride simulator. The only reason why we decided to go there this time round was because it costs only RM12 for adults (and RM7 if you’re under 18), compared to the gila b*b* expensive Aquaria where only infants can afford to go. Plus, Tim had been there recently (2 years ago) and recommended it.

I was wrong! Petrosains has been really keeping up with the times, and its SUPER fun! I don’t have all the pictures – they’re in Sue Ann’s camera. But here are some of them:

Here’s the Infinity Mirror where you could see up and down to forever. (Limited to “forever” at that spot in Petrosains, KLCC only though)


Here’s the Many Sides Of You mirror, where you can see many sides of you (but only if you see through a little crack at the door)


Here’s Dino from Da Hood,yo! the rapping T Rex: “Hey kawan selamat datang…” You won’t be able to get the rap out of your head.


Annnnnd….I got to go to SPACE! Hah! I also got go la, Sheikh Muszaphar!


There were games and a science show where Yew Meng won a badge that says “I had fun in Petrosains” and wore it throughout the entire trip until worship team meeting that night. We were there from about 9 a.m. till 2 p.m. and didn’t want to go home, but we were too hungry and our legs were giving way (ok, not all our legs). Petrosains is SUPER fun, guys! Even if you’re already old and have to spend your weeks quietly behind an office desk Smile

2. Birthday Chick

Happy Birthday Sheng Mae!


We first met in 2 Usaha. She was sweeping the floor and she had the longest hair…like Rapunzel! Couldn’t tell whether she was sweeping with her hair or the broom. She was there, all through primary school, badminton classes, every birthday, through high school, form six, in prison, through our uni years and now. This year marks our 16th year. Love you babe! <3



3. Buying Cheezels.

I LOVE Cheezels!

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