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Sunday, April 17, 2011

N is for NOM NOMS.



Hello it’s the end of Saturday Awwww :( . But what a lovely day it has been!

I forgot to unset my alarm, so I woke up to Switchfoot’s Stars, smiled when I remembered that it is the weekend and drifted in and out of sleep with the pitter patter of raindrops outside my window. Such a wonderful, cool morning. There is, really, absolutely nothing I like better than a rainy morning :)

Thank You, Lord for a wonderful rainy morning.

If I were to sum up today in a few words, I’d say: the weather was wonderful and we ate a lot.

The Youth joined the Ladies Fellowship at church today for their session on Tiger Mother, Shepherd Teacher by Ms. Nga Johnson; which they concluded with a fabulous “tea” spread. Salads, rendang, oodles of noodles, pulut rice, cakes, tiramisu. There were so many dishes, I couldn’t even manage to try everything! Everyone piled a little mountain of food on their plates. And by the time I was halfway through mine, I could hardly eat anymore.

That “tea” was at about 5.30p.m. Unfortunately in my excitement to EAT I forgot to take pictures of the glorious fooooood!

Then, at 7.30p.m., Julee, Raymond, Yew Meng, Daphne & I went for a charity do with a 10-coarse Chinese dinner. And the food was really good. Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves again…filling whatever space was left from “tea”. Yew Meng ate SO much chicken, I thought he was about to faint onto his plate! We left happy and round.

After dinner, I realised that Pops had left me durian in the fridge. So Yew Meng & I ate durian as we yelled rude language at the TV screen, watching the Sarawak elections analysis by some BN bigot.

It is 1.03 a.m. , and I am stuffed.