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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Random - read la, if you want.

Everyone's talking about the Malaysian Dreamgirl. Cindy was it?Dreamgirl this, dreamgirl that. I was in One U yesterday with Sheng and Suki, they had a shoot there, but i didn't stay to watch - was late for dinner.
Sheng says one of them dreamgirls are from our school one.

Well, I forgot what her name was, but...go Taman SEA! heh.

Why call it Dreamgirls tho? Dreamgirls are Jen Hudson, Beyonce and the other poor thing didn't get an award singer. Should just call it Malaysia's Next Top Model la. Want to copy might as well go all the way.

ah well...if i had a camera, i'd probably have taken pictures at one U yesterday and i would probably blog about them too. Haha. But since i don't, kutuking them is all i can do.

yes, i'm a very sorry case.

I was thinking. i think i should sign up to join F1. What must one do to race in F1? must audition and stuff one r?
I'll tell you why before you call me perasan.

You see, i have this mini collection (by mini i mean, five in all) collection of miniature cars. I got the first of them from a KFC chicky meal (it wasn't called chicky meal then, nor is it now i think) when i was eight. Its a vintage convertible...no brand one la of course...it's from KFC la.
I liked it so much i made Papa go back four other times to get me four more chicky meals so i could have four more vintage convertibles. (they're all in different colours)

Thus began my deep longing to be able drive one day.
(of course, at this point many things have come along the way that have snuffed out the flame of this longing)

But i was thinking, I drive to uni twice a week, and most of the time (if not much traffic la), I make it there in half an hour. (thats cos thats how much my Saga can do, if i got Ferrari, then..fuhh.)
I've always liked Daytona.
Could i make some money out of this?

Ahh...just a thought.

You know what i want? I want a camera...now that my k750i is gone (*sniff* that one also they wanna take!) I have none!
I keep taking out my phone, forgetting that my trusty 2.0 MP Sony is gone, like yesterday is gone, only to come to cruel reality that in my hand is a Nokia-I-dunno-what-model.

This is a lesson for me not to be so materialistic.

Today Ed, Yohan and I cleaned our *home* - (its not what it sounds ok, we're going to be housemates next semester on la, and Michelle, she's the other housemate couldn't make it today)

Btw, Happy Anniversary, Mr & Mrs. See!

Our brand new shoplot :) It took us FIVE hours (including dinner and ice-cream la) to get it swept, mopped, wiped (polished in Ed and Yohan's case who did the toilet bowls - thanks guys :)). We unwrapped all the new plastic covered furniture we got and arranged them in the rooms.

After all that was done, we sat back and talked about goldfish and steamboat. What fun :) Thank You Lord for our place. God Bless our home.

And now, i'm hungry. Toodles ;) ....

oooh, p/s : gossip girl is the new DH!! heh

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