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Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Shoebox

The shoebox
is where i keep you now

you have become, but a distant memory
you were once
but now you are photographs
that will turn yellow and
curly around the edges
over time

and i promise to take them out
to look at them
every once in awhile

and i will cry as i remember
how you were a part of me as i was a part of you
how you saw me as i saw you
how i knew you
felt you
as you lay dying
i held on to you
i could not bear to watch myself
let you go
even as you let go of me
i held on as though you were mine

but you had to go
although i knew you couldn't stay
i didn't say goodbye
i just closed my eyes
and you drifted

goodbye, then
i will always love you
i will always remember
how i was a part of you as you were a part of me
how i saw you as you saw me
goodbye for now
i will always love you

The shoebox
is all i have of you