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Sunday, May 25, 2008


fuhh...its good to be back!

My feet are killing me! somehow the muscle on my ankle got pulled (i don't know how, or why)...and now it hurts.

Time has flown by, doesn't seem like three weeks have passed since our last paper on the 9th. Have had a good three weeks in quiet (ok, not quiet in the silent sense, but quiet away from all the noise i'm used to, and all the noise i've depended on).

thank You, Lord for giving me the break i asked for.

He has given me time away to quiet my heart and mind that has had so much traffic going on unmanaged for so long, i've lost track of what really matters and took the wheel myself. He knew i needed to be away to think, get my thoughts back in order.

thank You, Lord for not giving up on me and bringing me back.

I read somewhere in My Utmost for His Highest once, that God will reach even to the furthermost parts of the universe (which is only big relative to us, but not to Him because He made the universe) to bring us back to Him.
And i feel that this is what He has done for me, or rather has been doing for me. He's reached out and saved me, and now He's done it again....reached out to bring me back to Him.

For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in His shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

If only we wouldn't keep forgetting His wonderful love, that sent His only Son to suffer and die for our hope. Its not about being 'religious', nor is it about being 'Christian' or 'fanatical' or 'the holy type'.

Its about the fact that we were all perishing hopelessly in the hopelessness of our lives, heading for hell and condemnation. We aren't all murderers, rapists or robbers, but we are liars, back-stabbers and prideful, and we all know that we cannot live on our own capabilities. We know one day those we love most dearly will disappoint us, and we know we will one day disappoint them. We are in desperate need for someone to save us.

I was in desperate need for someone to save me. I was, a long time ago, and i was three months back. My friends and family were wonderful, but only Jesus can heal and fulfill completely.

Which is why God sent us a Savior. Do all of you who are reading this, Christian or not, know this? That God loves us, me and you so very much, that He would not let us perish in our own hopelessness and sin, that He sent One whom He loved most, His own son, His only Son to suffer and die in our place?

And that because Jesus conquered even death, He died and then He rose again and is alive, we too have conquered death in its hopelessness, sorrow, anguish and despair and He has given us abundant life - life full of hope, peace beyond even our understanding, joy and strength in the darkest places. His perfect love drives out all fear.

If you don't know Him, find Him! Its not some item on promotion you can do without, He is the Saviour of, not just mine, but our souls...all of us. And if we don't return to Him, we would have lost our very lives, our very purposes.

Thank You, Jesus, lover of my soul.

O Father of all Comfort,
I rest my weary soul in Thee
Let there be none i desire more
Than what Thy will desires in me.

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