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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Negara di bawah bayu

Am on in betweens (between Sabah-just got back today, and mission trip-leaving for Philo on Thurs). Before i leave for my next escapade, here's a gist of beautiful beautiful Kota Kinabalu as i experienced it :

Kota Kinabalu Welcomes You

Praveen and his Sentra that seats 5 and allows squat space for one (1) - thanks for bringing us around Praveen!

Praveen's 3 room temporary apartment that fits 6 (or more), has two (2) toilets and three (3) mattresses, one (1) table, one (1) tatami mat and one(1) guitar for furniture. Oh, and one (1) washing machine that came later.

Kota Kinabalu was Jesselton before it became Kota Kinabalu.

Boats and beaches

We packed for winter (to climb Kinabalu) but went swimming everyday.

Gunung Kinabalu from a distance (was rainy season, so we didn't get to climb as planned)

Seafood galore! - watch this video of a fish going crazy (was taken at the seafood restaurant where we ate the dishes shown above) I wonder what happens if one eats psycho fish!

This is a real toad preserved, and made into a bag. Disgusting!

Sabah i love you

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June said...

That National Georgraphic Pic looks nice...;-P