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Wednesday, August 27, 2008



siehjin said...

hey sueyin.... =)

the chat thingy on your blog has disappeared? yyyyyy =P

anyway, nice pic! reminds me of the euphoria of my own convo. i still recognise some of the ppl in the pic, particularly clarence (nandai) and gang who are graduating... makes me wish i'd kept in touch better. but my time and resources are limited, i can't keep in touch with everyone i'd like to... sigh. will just shoot up a prayer for them then.

God bless! =)

envyno said...

Took up too much space :P Heheh. I'll tell you when I see you la..secret.

Yea! I love this pic too!esp cos its a successful jumping pic :)

You can still keep in touch :) Its called Facebook.