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Saturday, August 2, 2008


My gosh, eet iz SO HOTT today!!

Woke up at 10 to walk under the be-la-zing sun to go to CHS today. My gosh, eet iz so hot today!

Got fidgety, we did, so we went to feed.
It was 3-1, McDees-A&W...so C* had to tapau waffles.

Amcorp Mall got bazaar...too bad no time :(
My gosh, eet iz so hot today!!

The machines in McDees weren't working, can you believe it? So we couldn't refill the drinks, the burgers were cold. The staff were kelam kabut. We should have gone to A&W instead.
I asked the person behind the counter in McDees if I could go downstairs to the McDees Kiosk to refill my drinks. He said "Cannot, that side only got ice-cream."
The man behind me in the line burst out laughing at that "Hahaha, only got ice-cream. Hahaha"

So kaypo...kena sepak then he know.

Had to go back to CHS to pungut barang. Took picture under the sun.
My gosh, eet iz so hot today!!
Then everyone went to A&W again. Me and Lordson walked. Wei Soon sat in the car.

Youth was ge-rate! We had games and nachos :)
Youth is so fun!

Drank coffee during spiritual mapping. Cannot tahan. Woke up too early to walk under the sun.

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