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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

When the going gets tough, the tough goes to pasar malam

Time is an odd concept. Sometimes when one's classes have all been cancelled, and one has nothing to do, time goes by faster. But when one is busy, time slows down.

I suppose that would be called grace. I'm not complaining, really. Just saying.

Then, there are the times when one is waiting for something, time seems to slow down. I'm not talking about the times when one is waiting doing nothing. I'm talking about the times when one is busy waiting, time still seems strangely slow. Does that mean that time is directly proportionate to consciousness?

Sometime when I think about people, and myself, I wonder, when I am me at this moment, and he/she/it is he/she/it at this same moment, does life stop for them because this is me, thinking about them when they are not thinking about me. How does the concept of perspective work? If i were all the people I am thinking about at once, could I make time stop for me?

What am I talking about, anyway?

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June said...

You miss pasar malam at cheow yang,ss2 every thrusday;-P