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Friday, August 15, 2008


ooh...blogger has got a new look! O.O

Was awaken this morning at 10, by a figure with outstretched arms standing at my doorway.
No, it wasn't the Lord, or an angel come to take me home. :(

It was my ex-coursemate Siew Ling. It was nice to see her :) Time to wake up anyway. Mich took the rest of them back to uni, and since I'm up at this hour (I hardly ever am), I thought I'd watch some cartoons on TV.

I turn on the TV, and Martha Steward's talk-show was on. And then they start drilling away downstairs. Hmmph. Great, now I can't hear a thing.

I pour myself a mug of fruit juice (guava), and walk around the apartment, wondering what to do.

I pack some clothes, and wait for Kin Meng to be done with his report so we can go home.

Home is 45 minutes away. It always is.


~StH3R~ said...

hey nice blog u have ere'...with some posts being very encouraging ;)
keep it up and keep shining for Him!!


envyno said...

hey thanks esther :)

i read your blog sometimes too. Its nice :)

God bless,