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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

One Day at a Time

Was queuing up at the soup table at the Bakery, waiting to get soup when J "chak!"-ed at me from behind. Then he said "you know, Yvonne, to find you, i only have to come to the Bakery".
Hahaha...what a thing to say.

(yes, i am at the Bakery as i type this)

Maybe its the PJ in me that always draws me here (they have bread, pizza, pies, lasagna and coffee here, all that ang-mo food). Not to mention, they have good music.

Was bored yesterday...had a lot to do, but still i was bored. Felt fidgety and restless.
-antsy- is the word. There ARE alot of ants in my room.

Speaking of ants, i asked my roommate that day if there are alot of ants crawling around on her desk. She said "Got...more that yours i think. Cos you always kill them, but i think, aiya, just let them walk wherever they want la"

Watched The Notebook on Monday. It made me cry. Its so romantic! Sigh. Almost as romantic as Pride and Prejudice, only the characters talk slower and with less words.
~The Notebook is a prequel from The Wedding, by Nicholas Sparks which my cousin Wai Choong brought all the way to Melaka during CNY to lend to me.
But let me tell you, The Notebook is not a good movie to watch if the romance in your own life doesn't surpass that of the movies.

i really should stay off those romantic films.

And take one day at a time.

My time in the Bakery is up, will most probably be back here tmr..hehheh.
I'll sign off with this pome by G.W. Frazer;

Have I an object, Lord, below
which would divide my heart with Thee?
Which would divide its even flow
in answer to Thy constancy?
O teach me quickly to return,
and cause my heart afresh to burn.

Have I a hope, however dear,
which would defer Thy coming, Lord?
Which would detain my spirit here -
where naught can lasting joy afford.
From it, my Savior, set me free
to look, and long and wait for Thee.

The Thou the object bright and fair,
to fill and satisfy the heart.
My hope to meet Thee in the air,
and nevermore from Thee to part;
that I may undistracted be
to follow, serve and wait for Thee.


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