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Sunday, March 9, 2008

When Malaysia Decides

Its 3.42 a.m. The reason i can't sleep is because of the coffee i took (again) at 9 pm. So i'm watching as the press unveils the collective result of Malaysia's decision.

Apparently, we are advised to stay home tomorrow, just to be safe. So Malaysia has decided she wants change.

But you know, ultimately
"the earth is the Lord's, and everything in it"


Bye Bye, Samy

Samy says ‘goodbye’ - 3.37am

After defending the seat for nine terms since 1974, MIC’s 71-year-old president S Samy Vellu made a quick exit upon learning his defeat. According to nstonline, on his way out, Samy Vellu could only muster a "goodbye" to reporters and supporters present at the convention hall.

The MIC stalwart lost to Dr D Jeyakumar who has been contesting against him since 1999. In the previous polls four years ago, Samy Vellu defeated the latter with a majority of 10,349 votes. This time around, Jeyakumar, who stood on PKR ticket, garnered 16,874 votes to Samy Vellu's 14,408. - Malaysiakini


Your Name is above all Names
Your Name is above all Names
Teach our hearts to sing Your praise
Father God the Ancient of Days
Your only Son You've sent to die
Your Name we glorify
and our hearts forever sing
Your Name is above all Names!


*Note to self - do NOT drink anything caffeinated at night.

That was what i told myself Thursday night (or rather Friday morning). After drinking teh-ais kurang manis at Shakers, I went back to my room, brush my teeth, got into my kun-sa and turned on my laptop. That was at 12 a.m. My roommate asked "You slept 2 hours in the afternoon, thats why you're not sleepy now ah?" - maybe

Got some work done, 1.30 a.m. i turned off the light and got into bed (in Spanish, that would be acostarse. Got into bed, i mean. Cehh). Closed my eyes, and rolled around in my bed from left to right until i got quite warm and threw off the blanket.

3.00 a.m. Got fed up with rolling around. My roommate was snoring like Sleepy the Dwarf by now. Turned on the light and tried to read Mere Christianity. Got bored, turned off the light again and tried to sleep, again. Rolled around some more.

4.30 a.m. Felt tired from all that rolling. (i rolled to occupy my time, its boring, trying to sleep) Got up and watched Transformers on my laptop.

5.30 a.m. Got bored of Transformers (it was my 5th time watching). Decided to go home. Brushed my teeth, changed my clothes and drove home to PJ in the dark. Reached home at 6.30 a.m. Went to sleep.

*There is no place like home.
*Its 4.02 a.m. on elections day. I drank coffee after dinner. Sigh. I never learn.


Ooh boy, what now?

Khalid to meet Selangor sultan soon - 4.05am

PKR secretary-general Khalid Ibrahim said they will meet with the Selangor sultan "soon" regarding the formation of the new state government.

However, he told Malaysiakini that he did not wish to jump the gun when asked whether he would be the new mentri besar. The deputy mentri besar is likely to be DAP’s Teng Chang Khim, who is former state opposition leader. - Malaysiakini

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