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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Today and last night.

Just (okay, not just - more like 3 hours ago) got back from Summer Palace. Pooi See and Chew got hitched today...it was all so...awwww.

i didnt snap many nice photos, cos i don't a nice camera to snap with. *ehhem*, so i did what i could with my 2.0 MP on my SonyEricsson k750. And this is what i got :

thats the..erm...ceiling in Summer Palace restaurant. I like it.

Haha...i told you, i need a proper camera!
Tried to take some photos last night at Malam Perdana (thats the rip-off of a course dinner i attended at Pan Pac yesterday. PLUS parking cost me a bleedin' 17 moolahs ok!! what the heck. i'm boy-cotting Pan Pac d, i'm not getting married there! Thieves!)

p/s : it was fun cos we got to go kai kai in KLIA for awhile while waiting for dinner to start tho.

- the artis jemputan was Dina from Malaysian idol (remember her? She came in 2nd after Jac). She's not bad, she did an Alicia Keys number, No one, and did quite well i thought.
someone commented to me "eh she's not bad wad. How come she didn't win ah?"
Cos Jac's better la.

nyeh nyeh nyeh...sorry, i hope no Dina fans read my blog.

anyway, here she is, amongst the crowd :

can see? so ugly la that picture. thats with flash on u know...haha...kesian me lar...i need a proper camera! *ehhem*


today's wedding was the first ever to be held on the premises of PPBC. So it pretty much makes history. It was a beautiful wedding :) Beautiful.

Was so nice to see Chen May, Jin and Uks-Chipsmore again :) :) (Thats double smiley)

*picture courtesy of Lisa Tan's photography and Tien Ming's yummy DSLR .

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